Monday, September 9, 2013

Water Color nail art

Hello friends, how was the weekend? 

Mine was pretty good. I did lot of stuff - went for a hair cut, shopped clothes and shoes for my son (his play group would start pretty soon), made ladoos for Ganesh Chaturthi and fasted yesterday - Hartalika Vrath for my husband's long life :) 

Was that too much of me?? (Hmmm...shhhh...long silence)

Alright now coming to nail art; water color nails are so much in trend. I wanted to try this nail art on my nails. Loved the result although the borders are not perfect but that is ok, I am still learningJ. This shows I need to practice free hand nail art real hard.

I have seen nail artists do water color nails using acetone or a plastic bag. I did mine using acetone. 

To create water color nails, you will need

  1. Acetone/Polish Remover
  2. 2 Brushes – thin for borders, medium to thick for acetone. I used camlin paint brushes
  3. White polish
  4. Nail polishes of your choice
  5. Nail polisher remover
  6. Q tip

Apply two coats of white polish, allow it to dry and then add top coat. Make sure you add top coat else acetone will rip off the white base color.

Now add tiny drops of nail polish of your choice. I used coral pink. Dip the brush (medium to thick bristles) in acetone, remove excess acetone and spread the polish with it. Check out the picture below to see how it looks.


Repeat this step with other colors. I used green, blue, lilac and orange colors. Allow it to dry.

You could stop at this step or go further and add border to your nails. I decided to border them and used my camlin thin brush and white polish to make the borders. Use Qtip dipped in polish remover for clean up. Add a top coat to seal the design.

Here is the picture tutorial for water color nails.


  • If you happen to put too much of acetone on your nails, no worries, blow it a couple of times and it would dry.
  • Don’t add too big or thick nail polish dots, else your nail will just show most of that single color.
  • Use one nail color at a time 
  • You can use Nail polish remover instead of acetone.