Wednesday, November 5, 2014

The Panetar Story - Guest post by Aditi from SoSaree

Hey Friends! Today's post is a guest post by Aditi from So-Saree blog. Aditi has a special place in my heart; we have the 'marathi connection'. In fact she is the one who inspired me to come up with a blog and suggested the title for my blog. We share a lot of things in common and you would get to know more as you read her post.

Check out Aditi's post on her Blog, Facebook, Twitter (Her blog is not just about Sarees).

Over to Aditi now.

Hello Everyone..This happens to be my first guest post and I am so thankful to Manisha for giving me this opportunity.I congratulate Manisha on achieving the one year milestone and wish her many more to come.

So when Manisha asked me to do a guest post for her blog, I was first thinking of doing a nail art post. Then I thought, we already have Manisha who shares some fabulous nail art with her readers. So, why not do a post on my topic of Interest. And so, I chose Sarees.

The saree that I am going to talk about today has a connection with Manisha and me as well.
Manisha and me are Assal Marathi Mulgis married to Kutchi Chokras. And so the saree that I choose to write about today, is one that is an inseparable part of Kutchi bridal wear. The wedding attire of a Kutchi Bride comprises of two sarees. The Gharchola and Panetar. Gharchola is a saree that represents the Groom's side and the Panetar the Bride's Maternal side. It is the beautiful amalgamation of these two sarees that gives birth to Kutchi Bridal wear. So today I will talk about Panetar.

Panetar...this Saree that represents the Bride's maternal side is white in colour typically with a red border. It may also have other colors like green and yellow imbibed in it. I was told that in the ancient times, the bride wore the Panetar at the beginning of the wedding and the Gharchola at the end of it.
But now brides wear both these sarees together.And this calls for double trouble for chubby brides like me. My wedding was a very rushed affair and so I had asked my MIL to shop for my Panetar. Why?? Because
A) Lack of time,
B) Honestly I didn't know what a Panetar was.

My MIL knew I would be wearing two sarees at a time. Hence she chose a silk saree that was light and had a skin hugging texture. This ensured that the combination of two sarees did not make me look bulky. My wedding pictures were a big hit and the sarees are very dear to me.

Anyways, so I recently wore my Panetar for a friends wedding and clicked these pictures. Do let me know what you think about it.

Thanks Aditi for doing the post. You looked gorgeous on your wedding with the kutchi sarees :)
I love your Panetar especially the embroidery; its so beautiful. Love the accessories you have worn for this look. This reminds me that there are quite a few weddings lined up this Dec and Jan which means its time to wear my Panetar too :)

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