Friday, August 30, 2013

Mint and Black dots Mani

Hey guys, today I have a super easy polka dots mani for you all. Try it out this weekend and share your pics :)


You could use any two contrasting nail colors to create this look. I used Mint and Black combination.

To do this nail art you will need -

1. Two Nail Polishes
2. Tooth pick or a Dotting tool
3. Top coat
4. Q-tip
5. Nail Polish Remover

I started off with a base coat followed with two coats of Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear - Mint Sorbet. I am totally in love with this mint shade.


Once the base color was dry, using a tooth pick dipped in black polish (Sinful colors - Black on Black), I made some dots. I placed more dots in few columns than the others to create a pattern.

Once the black dots were dry, I added few random dots on them using Sally Hansen's Mint Sorbet.(Use Q-tip dipped in polish remover for clean up; if any). Once the polish was completely dry, added top coat and that is it :)                 
                                                       (picture taken without flash)

(picture taken with flash)
This design was inspired by Black and orange dots by ThePolishSquirrel. Here is the link to her post

Biotique - Bio Walnut Scrub ( Product Review)

Hello guys, how are you doing? I was in Mumbai super busy meeting family members and relatives. I did find some time for shopping and visited malls :)
I was at Health n Glow the other day, in search of a daily scrub. While I was scanning through their scrub’s section, I saw Biotique - Bio Walnut Scrub and picked it up. I have used a couple of Biotique products and thought of trying this scrub.


Monday, August 26, 2013

Argyle Nail Art

Hey buddies, let us see how to do these Argyle nails. I found this art interesting and thought of trying it. These prints are usually found on socks and sweaters. The nail art looks pretty complicated but it’s not. It can be done using a thin brush/toothpick or a striper; if you are not very confident on using these then simple tape will work fine. 


Friday, August 23, 2013

Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Collection - Lacey Lilac Swatch & Review

Sally Hansen is a known brand for its vast nail polish collection. Today I would be talking about Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Collection. Xtrene Wear has really pretty colors and one of them is Lacey Lilac. It is one of my favorite shades these days.

Sally Hansen Xtreme collection is available online in India and I have recently spotted them @ Central. They are priced @ Rs. 250 per bottle. So ladies what are you waiting for?? Go grab some J

Here is my Lacey Lilac Swatch. It is a gorgeous lilac creamy polish. Application of first coat itself is pretty opaque. This collection dries really fast. I have applied two coats here.

All the pictures were taken without top coat application. You can see that there is a nice shine even without a top coat. This remained without chipping for almost 3-4 days despite my hands being in water(dish washing, cooking, washing, etc).

I have a couple of other shades from this collection - Mellow Yellow and Sun Kissed. Will swatch them soon.

If you have polishes from this collection, share which one is your favourite.



Hey guys! Here is my first attempt of Ruffian Nails.

I have seen Ruffian nails in so many blogs and videos that I have completely fallen in love with them and wanted to try them on my nails. They are easy to do and look awesome.
Here are the steps to get the Ruffian nails –
  1. Apply base coat. I use OPI’s Nail Envy Original nail strengthener.

  2. You can use colors of your choice; I chose shades of Green. Apply two coats of Maybelline Express Finish – Go Go Green as the base color. This is lovely shiny light green polish and dries pretty quick.
     3. Once the base color is completely dry, leave some area from the cuticle bed and           
        apply two coats of the second color. Make sure that the second color is the contrastof base
        color. This will highlight the look. I used Prestige – Hope. This a dark bottle   
        greenpolish.Looks almost black in the pics


    4. Once the nails are dry, seal them with a top coat and you are done :)
                    Have you ever done Ruffian nails? Do post your pics and experience

Wednesday, August 21, 2013


Hey Folks, today I am going to talk about how to make your own cuticle oil.

Do you have weak nails, dry cuticles, cracked skin? Then Cuticle oil is the solution. Cuticle oil helps treating dry cuticles, dry skin around the nails and nail strengthening. Even if you have healthy nails, you can still use this cuticle oil to moisturise your cuticles.

Let me share something about myself. I have always dreamt of strong, long nails but had weak nails that would chip and break easily. When my passion towards nail art grew, I decided to pay some attention to them.

I follow a lot of nail art channels and blogs. I see that many of the nail artists use Cuticle oil, Cuticle creams, and Nail strengtheners. I thought let me give it a shot and see if things work. When I found out the cost of Cuticle oils and creams they were pretty high. Then I thought to make something at home.

Saturday, August 17, 2013


Hello, today I am going to talk about Saran Wrap Nails. This is a simple nail art created using plastic bag (Saran wrap). For someone new to the world of nail art, these are easy to create and look very stylish.

Here are some of the pictures of my Saran Wrap Nails. I used Wet n Wild Megalast – Color Haze of Love and Wet n Wild Fergie – Gold Album. You can use colors of your choice. Make sure to use two contrasting colors to highlight the look.

Wednesday, August 14, 2013


“15th Aug’1947”, this is the date when India got its Independence. Tomorrow India would be celebrating its 67th Independence Day. On the occasion of Independence Day, I thought to come up with a tricolored manicure.
This is what I ended up with. It is simple, super easy and not going to take much time.
All you need is –

  1. Any Orange polish/paint (I used Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear SunKissed)
  2. Any White polish/paint (OPI Alpine Snow)
  3. Any Green polish/paint (Combination of Maybelline Verde Palmeira and Prestige Hope)
  4. Any Blue polish/paint (Maybelline Marinho)
  5. Tooth pick or Dotting tool
  6. Sponge (Could be a makeup sponge or kitchen sponge)
  7. Q -Tip and Polish remover for clean up


I started off with a base coat, followed by two coats of white polish. Once the white polish was completely dry, I took a sponge and added three colors – Orange, White and Green to it and created gradient using sponge technique on my Thumb and Ring Finger.

On the rest using the same colors and a blue color, I added dots of different sizes and then some cleanup. Once the polish was completely dry, added top coat and that is it J
Let me know what you guys think about this Mani. Do share your 15th Aug nails.
Happy Independence Day!!!

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Wet n Wild Megalast – Color Haze of Love (Swatch & Review)

I have heard and read such good things about ‘Wet n Wild’ nail polishes that I decided to have some. Thanks to my cousins and friends who got these for me from US.
Wet n Wild Megalast nail polishes cost $1.99 . They come with a big and wide brush ( kind of ‘U’ shaped). It might be little difficult to apply on small narrow nails but with some practice with this wide brush will set things in place so don't worry.
I have only one shade from the Megalast collection and it is Color Haze of Love. This is a beautiful brown crème. It reminds me of Dairy Milk Chocolate J.

Here are some pics of Wet n Wild Megalast – Color Haze of Love. I am wearing two coats this color. Its opaque at first coats itself. It has a nice and smooth shine. There is no shimmer in this shade. I am in love with this color.


Monday, August 12, 2013

Sinful Colors Mint Apple

Hey Folks!

Today I have swatched Sinful colors – Mint Apple. I wish to have a few more nail polishes from Sinful colors. I simply love the variety of shades they offer; and of course at a price - $1.99.
Sinful Colors Mint Apple is one of the most popular shades these days. It is a shimmery sea green color. My first application was a bit streaky. But after applying the second coat it looked pretty. Formula is thick however the end result is lovely J

These pictures were taken without top coat. The color also lasted long(around 3-4 days) without chipping.

 This one made me think of Baskin Robins – Mint and Choco chips ice-cream ;) …yummy.