Monday, September 2, 2013

Easy and quick Nail Polish Removal technique

Hello Readers! Hope you had a lovely weekend.  Well mine was pretty busy. I had taken up the task of cleaning home, washing all the laundry..very tiringL. Once the work was done, my loving hubby took me out for the movie - Madras Café. It’s an amazing movie folks do watch it. I must say John Abraham’s acting skills have really improved.
After so much of blabbering, let me talk about a cool technique of removing nail polish. I found this technique on and thought of giving it a try.
Here is all you need –
  1. A ball of cotton cut into thin small pieces good enough to cover your nails
  2. Polish remover

Once you have the stuff ready, pour some nail polish remover in a lid/container. I used the lid of my nail polish remover’s bottle. Dip thin pieces of cotton (about 3/4th of the piece) into it,wrap them around the nails and press the cotton over the nail. You don’t need to over soak the cotton strips or else you may end up having polish remover all over your finger and hand.
Now wait for couple of minutes. I waited for 3mins ..yes I was actually looking at the watch to count the minutes. Then starting from the cuticle, slightly press the cotton strip and swipe it towards the tip. You will see the entire polish on the cotton strip. There might be a few left overs. Use the same cotton strip to clean the remains. You just saved on cotton, scrubbing your nails and of course your time on getting rid of layers of polish J
Check out the pictorial tutorial. If you are wondering what mani I was wearing, ah actually I wanted to do monsoon nails and ended up with this. Not all days are good for manis; especially when you are just getting the feel of free hand nail art. Although it looks messy, the thought behind it was a rainbow, an umbrella, clouds, rain and some paper boats(reminds me of my school days, making paper boats and floating them on collected rain water).

Alright guys do try out this easy and quick nail polish removal technique. It works well with glitter polish too; yes you will NOT need the ‘foil method’ to get rid of the messy glitter. Just leave the cotton for couple of minutes more and you are good to go.

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