Thursday, September 19, 2013


 Hey friends! How are you doing? It has been a busy festive week with Ganesh Celebrations. There were  lots of events organized at our society – Antakshari, Fashion show, cooking competition, etc. Had a great  time.

Today I have a very easy mani for you guys. It’s a combination of half moon and newspaper print nails. I used Black and White combo for this look.

Newspaper print nails have become a trend these days; they look so cool. There are various techniques to get newspaper print nails (rubbing alcohol, water). I did not have rubbing alcohol and was googling on alternatives and found mouthwash technique.


You could use colors of your choice. Just make sure that color on which you will have newspaper print is a light shade so that the print would stand out. Here is all you need –

  1. 2 Nail polishes of your choice (contrast colors)
  2. Tip guides
  3. Newspaper cut outs
  4. Mouthwash (Yes you heard it right)
  5. Q tip
  6. Polish Remover
  Paint your nails half way through with a black polish. Allow it to dry completely then using tip guides close  to your cuticles, apply white polish to the rest of your nails. You could do this the other way round too i.e  paint your entire nail with white polish and then using tip guides create half moons with black polish. Allow  your nails to dry completely. Your half-moon nails are ready.

Then cut thin strips of newspaper. Pour some mouth wash in a lid/cap (I used mouthwash’s cap). The quantity of mouthwash you take should be good enough to soak your nail in it.Dip your nail in it and wait for 15secs. Then place the newspaper strip with the printed side on your nail and press it so that the print gets transferred on your nails.

Make sure you don’t move the paper else the print would be smudged. If you happen to make mistakes or are not happy with the print pour some mouthwash on the nail and wipe the print with cotton or cloth(I guess the print would easily come out with water too); and redo it. Use q tip dipped in polish remover for clean up.Once the nails are dry, apply a top coat to seal the design.

Here is a picture tutorial to get these nails.


·         If you do not have mouthwash you could do this with water too. Just place the newspaper strips in water for some time. Then carefully remove the soaked paper strip and apply it on the nail and slightly press it to transfer the prints.
·         You could use different prints from the newspapers like codes, puzzles, icons, etc. for a different look or use laser print outs
·         You could do this look on the entire nail too without the half-moons.

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