Friday, April 20, 2018

DIY - How to fix broken Makeup

Hello lovelies! Have you ever dropped your makeup? Do you have any items in your makeup vanity that are shattered and you are wondering how you could fix it then this post is for you :)

Let me give you some background on how this palette shattered into pieces. Me n my lil cousin indulged in some make up shopping. We were curious to explore some of Sivanna Colors products as they seem to be one of the budget friendly brands. In this excitement, we accidentally dropped this palette on the floor (- thud!) and there goes the palette into pieces.

Once back home, I kept looking for tutorials on web to see how broken makeup could be fixed. There were plenty of tutorials available and this is what I followed to bring my broken palette to life.

Here is what you would need(you could replace these with whatever works best for you) -

1. Rubbing alcohol
2. Empty vessel - you could use clean empty jar, I used clean plate
3. Spoon
4. Wooden Orange stick
5. Tissue papers
6. Coin

Let us begin:
  •  Empty the contents of broken makeup into the plate.
  •  Use wooden orange stick to mash lumps if any to make fine powder
  •  Using the spoon, add Rubbing alcohol little by little and keep stirring the mixture to form a thick paste. Go light handed while adding Rubbing alcohol, you don't want to end up with a runny mixture
  • Clean the makeup holder and ensure it is dry
  • Pour this thick mixture and spread it evenly into the makeup holder
  • With the help of a tissue soak the excess rubbing alcohol by pressing it into the product. You could use a flat surfaced object to do this job. I used a coin 
  • Once the mixture is settled properly, leave it to dry for few hours and allow it to set 

I left this mixture for a good twelve hours to dry and it was fixed. Ah! It was such a relief to see the product in place and ready to be used :)

Here are the swatches of the highlighter shade from this palette. Shown below are the pictures under natural light(image on left) and under flash lighting(image on right). Doesn't it look pretty?

If you have any broken makeup then you could follow these steps to bring it back to life. Let me know if this DIY was useful.

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