Friday, August 23, 2013


Hey guys! Here is my first attempt of Ruffian Nails.

I have seen Ruffian nails in so many blogs and videos that I have completely fallen in love with them and wanted to try them on my nails. They are easy to do and look awesome.
Here are the steps to get the Ruffian nails –
  1. Apply base coat. I use OPI’s Nail Envy Original nail strengthener.

  2. You can use colors of your choice; I chose shades of Green. Apply two coats of Maybelline Express Finish – Go Go Green as the base color. This is lovely shiny light green polish and dries pretty quick.
     3. Once the base color is completely dry, leave some area from the cuticle bed and           
        apply two coats of the second color. Make sure that the second color is the contrastof base
        color. This will highlight the look. I used Prestige – Hope. This a dark bottle   
        greenpolish.Looks almost black in the pics


    4. Once the nails are dry, seal them with a top coat and you are done :)
                    Have you ever done Ruffian nails? Do post your pics and experience