Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Born Pretty Store Dark Blue Stamping polish review

Hi Beauties! Today I have Dark Blue stamping polish from Born Pretty Store for review. This is a 15ml bottle priced at $4.79. Now that is a lot of quantity and will last long way. Use can use my coupon code FZG10 to avail 10% off on your orders.

Below is the swatch of how this polish looks over white & black base.I can say it does a decent job on black base. I was always in search of a good dark blue stamping polish and I am very pleased with this one. 

This stamping polish doesn't have a very strong smell unlike other stamping polishes. Usually stamping polishes are known to have thick consistency however this one has runny consistency. 

I used this polish for stamping in my recent snowflakes nail art. The only issue I found with this polish was during clean up around cuticles. The polish seem to flood when it gets in contact with acetone/polish remover. I was cautious during the clean up. Overall I think it is a great product and huge in quantity.

PS: This was sent to me for review my Born Pretty Store