Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Stay Quirky Jersey Polish Review

Hello lovelies! Today I would be reviewing polishes from an Indian brand named Stay Quirky. This brand is exclusively available online on Stay Quirky polish line has come up with a wide variety of polish finishes in India like texture, glitter, Jersey effect, chromes, metallic, cremes,etc. I have never seen such wide variation of collection in Indian market and I am very happy that we have an Indian brand which has all these polishes.

From left to right we have Stay Quirky Not so Aloof 829, Mean Girl 824 and Scared Beauty 823.

These are my first ever Jersey effect polishes. If you are wondering what Jersey effect polishes are then let me throw some light. Jersey effect polishes are nothing but textured finish polishes with creme base and colored flecks; they dry matte.

This range comes in 5 colors and each bottle is priced at Rs275 for 8ml. Stay Quirky usually has offers going on and I purchased these for Rs 99 each; which was a steal. These bottles come with number and no name, I wonder why the brand did not get these cool names printed on their bottles.

Here are the polish swatches.

Scared Beauty 823 - Comes with beautiful light pink creme base(just like strawberry ice cream..yumm) loaded with red and green flecks.

Mean Girl 824 - This comes with lavender base loaded with green, red and dark blue flecks

Not so Aloof 829 - This comes with a beautiful peach base loaded with yellow,peach and red flecks.

Application of the polish was a bit tricky as the brush gave me hard time. The bristles of the brush were scattered; I am guessing the brush size is too big for an 8ml bottle which is why the bristles were bent and scattered. I would overlook this aspect coz I was happy with the polish finish, drying time and the colors & managed to decently apply the polish.

Here is my nail art using Mean Girl polish.

Have you used Stay Quirky polishes before? What is your experience with this brand?

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