Friday, April 3, 2015

#StartANewLife with

Each one of us must have come across situations in life were we feel now is the time to #StartANewLife. I have come across this a couple of times; one such day was on the day my wedding.

I am a maharastrian, born and brought up in Hyderabad while my hubby is a kutchi born and brought up in Mumbai. We worked for same company and that is how we met and love blossomed. Soon we got engaged and my hubby gave a news both good and bad for me. Good coz he got a new job with a better role and bad coz the job location was Pune. The sudden thought of moving out and settling outside Hyderabad was bothering me. I never ever imagined I would leave my home town and settle elsewhere.

As our wedding date approached, I decided to take a month's break to spend time with my family, help with wedding preparations and quit my job. Finally it was the day and time to #StartANewLife - a switch from Deshpande mulgi to Katira chokri. This was the beginning of new life, new challenges and new responsibilities.

We came to Pune after few days of family rituals, honeymoon trip and other functions. For the first time I was living outside Hyderabad, although I visited Pune many a times as I have lot of relatives there. It was fun and exciting to start everything from scratch - buying chairs, utensils, household stuff and setting up the house and at the same time exploring the new place.

Once we were settled I started my job search. It was early 2009 and that was the worst year for IT sector due to recession. I had hard time finding a job as most of the companies had lay offs, were shut down, running in loss or had recruitment freeze going on. There were big companies who took the interviews, finalized the package but never sent me an offer letter and when I contacted them they said currently recruitment is frozen. This series continued for few months and I was totally shattered and broken; to add to this relatives and friends constantly asking what happened to your job? din't you find one and suggesting why don't you do this? why don't you try out this and so on.

This was the lowest phase of my life. I also saw situations were companies offered me a role of fresher with basic pay package that too after having few years of experience. I was furious dejected, low in confidence and almost given up on hope.  I used to vent out all my frustration on my hubby and blamed him for what ever negative was happening in my life. To add to all this, India was hit by swine flu and Pune was one of those places which had a high impact. Most the public places were closed or restricted for few months. I used to feel why did I even come here, I was so happy in my own world before.

As days passed by, my hubby being an optimist encouraged me to join few technical courses and complete my certifications. This kept me busy and helped me learn new things. In fact this training and certification helped me get a job with good position. I was really happy and glad that my bad days ended and this marked start of new life to me. believes in #StartANewLife. Check out their video -