Thursday, April 9, 2015

Bridal Lace nail art and Nail Matinee plate NM03 review

Hello buddies!Today I have review of Nail Matinee plate - NM03. I am excited to share this review especially coz this plate is made by one of the indian nail artists - Nisha Sharma. You can find details of the Nail Matinee plates here. I purchased NM03 and XL squishy stamper from Nisha.

NM03 is a rectangular plate and comes with 12 XL images. Each plate comes with a protective blue plastic film which needs to be removed before use. Plate also comes with a pink plastic backing. Image quality is good and image size is 2.2cm x 1.7cm.

Look at the designs; they are beautiful. This plate has collection of floral and leave like patterns. Some of my favorites are floral lace patters, ferns, first one from top left. 

I used Wet n Wild Black Creme and my rectangular squishy stamper for the swatches. I swatched some of the images twice as during my first attempt some of the parts were missing.

All the images picked nicely except for the first one from left(in picture above) in the second row. I had difficulty picking up this image. I used Konad special black polish to check and it was a success.

Here is a simple bridal lace design I did using this plate. I used Health and Glow's Wisteria as base and stamped with Konad special black polish. I then placed silver glitters on flowers and black on the accents.

I loved this design and received lot of compliments for it. Do you like lace patterns like me?

PS: This plate was purchased by me and the review is honest.