Wednesday, April 1, 2015

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Hey buddies, Today's post is something different, something related to my personal life. I think this is the first time I would be sharing some of my personal experiences on my blog.

I have been married for over 6 years now. As a married couple everyone has some dreams and we always #lookup to fulfil those dreams. We had planned well for our future needs and decided to have few things in place before we have a baby. One of them being – owning our own apartment.

It was back in 2010 when we took the decision to book an apartment in one of the under construction projects. We were really thrilled and overjoyed as this was our first step towards achieving our dream home. At the same time we were nervous thinking on how long it would take for the project to complete, when we would get the possession of our apartment, and what interiors do we go for and so on.

It took almost a year for the construction to be completed. It was mid 2011 when the house was getting ready and we got good news – I was pregnant. I can say 2011 was a special year with two big things happening in my life – Becoming a mother and Moving to our new home.

It was challenging to managing pregnancy, work, and home. Both me and my husband being working, it was difficult for us to meet, sit down and plan things for our new home and the baby. We hired an architect and I, my hubby and my in-laws decided on what themes we wanted for each room of the house. We browsed a lot to see the latest designs, patterns, types of wallpapers, laminates, lighting, texture painting designs, mirrors and so on.

While the work for house was being done, my hubby took special care of me and made sure I was happy and comfortable all through the pregnancy. He used to wake up at 5am each day and made sure I had a glass of milk before I left for work. I must say my hubby was very cooperative even during the times I had crazy cravings like having ice creams in middle of the night, having pizza, etc. This is the time when a husband and wife spend their best time together.

Finally towards the year end it was time for delivery and we were eagerly waiting for little one to arrive. Then on the day, I was blessed with baby boy. I just can't express in words how I felt when I held the little one. I can say it is the best ever feeling.Then in early 2012, we moved to our new home with our son. All in all I can say this year would be my most cherished one as I stepped into motherhood and became owner of a beautiful house.

Just like me each one of you must have had something to #lookup and brings you optimism and housing envisions with a world filled of positivity.

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