Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Floral nails inspired by mug

Hello All! Today's post is again another one which I did few weeks back but couldn't post. Gosh I have so many posts to do. I am already running behind the schedule. Does this happen with you all too? I seriously need to get into habit of being regular in doing posts. I guess Instagram has made me all the more lazy :)

This floral mani is inspired by mug image I saw on Google. I used Sally Hansen Pacific Blue as the base and did rest of the design using acrylic paints. I have seen that whenever I use acrylic paints towards tips and cuticles it chips off very soon. Any tips on how to fix this? 

I made the floral and dots imperfect to replicate the look of the mug. I still need to work on getting my lines fine and straight.

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