Sunday, January 11, 2015

Born Pretty Store Rectangular Stamper Review

Hello friends! Today I have Born Pretty Store's rectangular stamper set for review.

This set comes with a squishy firm stamper and metal scraper. It costs $3.74 and can be purchased here. You can use my coupon code FZG10 for 10% OFF.

The stamper head measures 2.6cm x 1.6cm and is shiny. I cleaned it with acetone before using however it did not pick up image properly.It required some priming. The metal scraper does a decent job however I prefer using an old gift or credit card to avoid any scratches on the plates.

I buffed it using the below two nail files till the shine was gone and it worked perfectly fine.

Here are some of the swatches of stamper before and after priming.

What I like the most about this stamper is that the head doesn't fall off like other squishy stampers. I did this simple mani using BPS BP- L003 plate and this stamper over Models own Hypergel Turquoise Gloss. The brown n orange marks on my hand are that of henna.

Overall I am in love with this rectangular stamper and highly recommend it. I am definitely gonna buy some as back up.