Friday, January 9, 2015

Born Pretty Store stamping plate - BP L003 review

Hello Friends! Wish you all a very Happy New Year. Hope 2015 brings you all the happiness and success.

Born Pretty store recently launched their line of stamping plates and boy they are so gorgeous. They approached me to review some of their products and these are the items I received for review.

I am going to review stamping plate BP-L003. This plate costs $5.99 and you can purchase it for here. You can use my coupon code - FZG10 to get 10% OFF on your purchase. Do check out my later posts for review on the other BPS products.

The plate size is 12.6cm x 6.5cm. It comes with protective blue film and the back is covered with pink plastic. 

Make sure you remove the blue film and clean the plate with acetone/polish remover before use.

Now look at this beauty. This large plate has 15 XL sized images. Image size is 2.1cm x 1.5cm (for few its 1.45cm). It has a variety of abstract designs. I like all the images from the first row, 2nd,4th and 5th image from second row and all the patterns except first in the last row. My two most favorite patterns are the the swirly ones. I do see this plate being inspired by patterns from Moyou and Lily Anna plates. 

The plate is nicely etched and I did not have any issue picking any images. Here are some of the swatches of this plate. I used KleanColor Metallics Black for the swatches. 

I have also done a quick comparison of these BPS Large plate with Moyou collection. We can see that BPS Large plate is close to Moyou XL plate and accommodates more images.  

Close up comparison here.

I have seen discussions going on Facebook groups on whether these images are smaller than Moyou images, would they fit in long nails or not. So I have done a side by side swatch comparison to check the size of BPS and Moyou XL plate images. BPS image size is 2.1cm x 1.5cm(1.45cm for few images) and Moyou XL image is 2cm x 1.5cm.

 In the left column, the top image is from Moyou and bottom from BPS. In the right column, images on the left are Moyou and right are BPS. I tried hard to stamp the images in the same line but failed. Phew it was challenging to do that :) We can see that both the images are identical, it's difficult to make out that .5mm or 1mm difference.

 This plate is amazing and I am also liking lot of new BPS plates. These are definitely worth buying. Do check out other Bornpretty store plates here.