Saturday, September 27, 2014

Birthday roses by Disha from NailtheArt

Hey Friends! It is my birthday today and yes apparently its Google's birthday too :) I've turned 30 today...Gosh I am getting old now!!!On this occasion and my blog completing an year in July, I plan to do guest posts on my blog by my dear friends. 

Today's post is by talented nail artist - Disha Kulshrestha. She is an amazing artist and true follower of Robin Moses and I am her big fan :). I love her designs right from free hand to stamping. Although we have never met but we are good friends and share a lot of personal things.

Check out her artwork on FacebookYoutube, Instagram.

Over to Disha, 

Hello Everyone,

My name is Disha Kulshrestha and it gives me immense pleasure to do a design for blog of my nail art buddy Manisha. We have never met but will definitely meet one day. 

Professionally I am a literature Doctor, just completed my PhD. I do nail art as a hobby which distresses me completely. I cannot live without my polishes and art.

 This design is only and only for Manisha on her birthday - 'May your life bloom like these flowers always and you and your loved ones be happy and blessed.'


This is a free hand nail art. The base I am wearing is a dark red called 'Burgundy Crush' by Max Factor.It's a maroon shade I just love; over that I have done rose flowers with bright red acrylic paint and then highlighted those flowers with light pink acrylic paint. On my pointer, pinky and thumb I have done green leaves as well. My free hand credit goes to Robin Moses whom I can never forget.



You can check out my nail art designs at

Disha thanks a lot for this post and love these beautiful roses. This is one of my best birthday gifts :)