Monday, March 17, 2014

Happy Holi - Splatter Nails tutorial

Hello All, Wish you Happy Holi!!! I am so excited today :) Have you got your colors and pichari ready for holi?

I am wearing this colorful splatter nails for Holi. Aren't these perfect for Holi?

Splatter nails are easy to do but very messy. Here is a quick tutorial on how to get these splatter nails. I used tooth brush to create the splatter effect. This is an old technique I learnt during my schooling.

Things needed:

1. Few Acrylic paints and a paint brush
2. Old toothbrush
3. Water
4. White nail polish
5. A sheet of paper/newspaper

  • Start by painting all your nails with white nail polish and allow it to dry completely. Then spread out a sheet of paper or newspaper to protect your area from the paint splatter.
  • Dip a paint brush in water and then color of your choice and apply it on the toothbrush.
  • Then gently move your thumb across the painted toothbrush section to create splatter. Try this on the paper first to check if the paint is too watery and if the splatter is coming out well.
  • Repeat this step on your nails.
  • Make sure you clean the paint brush and toothbrush before switching to the next color.
  • If you have flooded your nails with too much of color use white paint and create splatter. 
  • Once the paints are dry, apply top coat.
  • The messy paint stains on your fingers will come off easily with soap water. Use acetone/polish remover to clean area around the cuticles.

Enjoy the splatter mani pics.

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