Friday, January 10, 2014

Floral Nails inspired by Robin Moses

Hello all! Today I have some floral nail art for you all. For the past week I have been watching a lot of Robin Moses videos and really loved her floral nail art. This nail is inspired by #RobinMoses


I used #Maybelline ColorShow Lavender Lies, Maybelline Colorma Glitter Prata and Wet n Wild Fast Dry Gray's Anatomy polishes and a couple of acrylic paints. I painted my base with Wet n Wild Fast Dry Gray's Anatomy. This is a sheer polish with purplish green tinge. I created french tip using #Maybelline ColorShow Lavender Lies.


Once this was dry, I made leaves with green acrylic paint and added light pink and light lavender colored flowers using acrylic paints. To enhance the look I added few random lines with dark pink and lavender colors and at the center of flowers made few silver dots.

Once the paints were dry added some silver glitter using Maybelline Colorma Glitter Prata and finished with SecheVite top coat. I loved the way the design turned out but had hard time clicking pics. The mani looks much more beautiful in person. Here are few pics. 




I tried to click pics with a black background to see if its any better. But I am really not satisfied with my pics.