Monday, August 24, 2015

Born Pretty Store ZJ07 plate review

Happy Monday friends! Hope this week brings me some joy. Now you must be thinking why am I saying this at the very beginning that is coz I ended my last week on a sad note. I broke my new mobile phone's screen and it is going to cost me 10k to replace the screen...hole in the pocket :(

Although my weekend started with a sad note, it ended in a happy and chirping mood. I met my cousins yesterday and we had a good time entire day. It was so much fun; cherishing old memories, fun times and what not.

 Ok now let me jump back to today's review post of Stripe Grid Nail Art Stamp Template Heart Leaf Image Plate Pattern #ZJ07. This plate was sent to my by BPS.

This rectangular plate comes with 12 XL patterns. There is no backing on these plates and the edges are sharp, one must be careful while using it. The plate is priced at $2.86 and can be purchased here. You my coupon FZG10 to avail 10% off on your order. Below are swatches of this plate.

This plate has wide range of images - grids, animal print, floral and leafy pattern. Images picked nicely except for the 4th image in the top row. I used Wet n Wild Red Red for swatching and my trusted Rectangular squishy stamper.

Although the patterns of this plate are pretty, the size and spacing in each image is very huge. Look at my nail next to the image, hardly 1/4th of the image would fit on it. I wish the patterns were smaller like the usual Born Pretty Store XL plates.  Overall this plate would be great for long nails. Let me know what you think of the plate and designs.