Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Dry marble nails

Hello All, I am presently enjoying doing nail art. I am trying out new nail art techniques and experimenting with colors. This week's #ILLNAILCHALLENGE on Indian Lacquer Lovers group was Dry marbling. Here is my attempt of dry marbling.

If you are wondering what dry marble nail art is - It is nothing but creating patterns similar to water marble nail art however without using water. Although you can't really create exact patterns like water marble designs but you can make beautiful swirls. These remind me of waves.


I loved the way the design turned out. But let me tell you guys you need lot of patience to do this. I made a few attempts and failed and was lil demotived but din't give up. Here are pics of my simple dry marble nails and at the end there is a quick tutorial on how to achieve this look.

A close up view of the swirls....loving it :)


You will nail polishes, tissue, tool (either toothpick or needle or pin or blunt ended dotting tool or nail art brush). I used blunt ended dotting tool. Before you start make sure you keep the nail polish bottles open in order to work quickly.
  • Paint your nails with a nail polish of your choice. Make sure the color is not too sheer or too thick.
  • While the base color is still wet randomly add blobs of other polishes.
  • Then immediately use a tool and create swirls gently. If you put too much of pressure while making swirls you will rip off the base color. Be as gentle as you can.
  • Keep cleaning the tool with tissue in between.
  • Keep making the swirls till you are satisfied with the design. Then add a top coat to seal the design.