Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Born Pretty Store - Healthy Rapid Dry Easy Peel Off Base coat Review

Peel off base coats are in these days. Lot of companies have released a variety of these  - glue based, transparent base coat kinds,etc. I have used DIY Peel base coat and Glue base NYC Stripe off base coat and love both. Today I would be reviewing a non glue base 'Transparent Nail Polish Base Coat Healthy Rapid Dry Easy Peel Off Nail Polish' from Born Pretty Store. This was sent to me for review.

 This peel off  is 7ml in quantity, costs $7.03 and can be purchased here. Use my coupon code FZG10 to avail 10% off on your order.

It is a transparent liquid which dries quickly on application. It looks like clear polish when applied on nails. Polish application was smooth over this base coat. The problem occurs while peeling off the base coat. The base coat comes off nicely till middle of the nail but as we go towards the tip, it refuses to come off. Below is the demonstration on this.

I tried using this peel off base coat with various polishes but the result was same - Problem on tips! This base coat did not live up to my expectations and I am a lil disappointed with it.

Have you tried this peel off base coat? What are your experiences?

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