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Stamped Pattern nails - Guest Post by Setu from NailartandBeauty Blog

Hey buddies! Today's post is a guest post by Setu from She is one of my closest blogging buddies and the only one I have met in person. I love her nail art. She does amazing free hand and stamping too. I had recreated one of her floral designs.

Me and Setu have a special bond. Like typical nail art addict gals we have done some massive hauls together :) We also refrain each other from compulsive buys. There is so much more to say but this is it for now. Here is our pic.

Check out Setu's nail art designs on her Blog, Facebook, Instagram.

Over to Setu now.

Hi Girls! I am Setu Rohini from I am a blogger by passion and Business Analyst by Profession. I am truly, madly, deeply and irrevocably in love with polish and nail art. My Blog is the instrument to vent out this craziness :)

This is my first guest post around here and I am very excited.However, this was done at a short notice so I have not come with my best.I hope you like it.


These days I am taken away by prints and patterns and they can be quite an inspiration for nail art too.The color combination for this nail art is an inspiration from my bedsheet. I always wanted to try coral, offwhite and navy blue in a nail art ever since I saw the bedsheet.

I followed this method to achieve this look, you may chose to do something else.

1. Apply off white color on your nails. I used Models Own Coconut Cream.
2. Either do a rough calculation or use  a scotch tape to corner off 1/4th of your nails. This is the portion where you will be stamping. I used Konad special blue and Bundle Monster CYO 2013 for stamping.
3. I did not use a scotch tape, I just did a rough estimate and stamped on 1/4th of my nails.It was not accurate and at places was more than 1/4th, but it would anyways be covered with coral nail polish so I did not bother much. And frankly I could not wait for ages for the polish to dry to use the scotch tape.
4. I painted 3/4th of the remaining nails with Tip Top Coral Reef.
5. Since it was free hand the borders were not perfect. I tried to even them and applied loose glitters of blue color across the border. I did not use any nail glue, just applied them on wet nail polish.
6. Finally, I finished them with top coat :)


I am kinda happy with the nail art. They turned out well but the borders are not as sharp as I wanted them to be.But there is always a next time :).

If you use a scotch tape and are comfortable with tapes, my guess is results would be neater. But I have never been excellent with them so I skip them.


The loose glitters that are usually available are not superb quality ones, so the colors may tend to bleed.So be very quick in applying top coat.


The glitters I use also have bleeding tendency so I was careful. I am very fond of these loose glitters these days and may use more of them in coming days.

I hope you liked my nail art , you can see more of my work on

Thanks for doing this guest post Setu. I loved this design especially the color combination, it is so nice and unique.

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