1.       Am I a trained/certified make-up artist or beautician or manicurist?
No. I am an IT engineer working with an IT firm. I love make up and nail art and wish to share my opinion, looks, nail art with rest of the world.

2.       What base and top coat I use?
I use OPI Nail Envy Original Strengthener as base and Seche Vite as top coat.

3.       Do I cut my cuticles?
I use to cut my cuticles for long but this year(2013) onwards I have been pushing them back instead of cutting.

4.       Do I use/which cuticle oil to I use? How often do I use it?
I made my own cuticle oil. I make it a point to apply it every night before going to sleep. Here is the link to how I made it - http://followmanimatters.blogspot.in/2013/08/diy-cuticle-oil.html

5.       Do I use nail strengtheners?
Yes I have been using OPI Nail Envy Original as my strengthener along with Hard as Hoof nail strengthening cream.

6.       Which cuticle cream do I use?
I have made my own cuticle cream and ensure I use it at least once a day. Will share its recipe soon.

7.       What tools do I use for nail art?
Depending on the type of nail art I use dotting tools, toothpick, camlin paint brushes, normal cleaning sponge, an old ball pen, tip guides, cello tape.

8.       How do I file my nails?
I use Revlon’s Emery board filer or Vega 4 Way Buffer stick to file my nails. I try filing them in one direction. I like to keep my nails Square or Squoval shaped.

9.       What foundation do I use?
I do not use foundations regularly. I usually apply them on certain occasions – functions,parties,etc. The ones I have been using are LOREAL Ideal Balance QuickStick Balancing Foundation - Buff Miel (335) and The Body Shop – All in one Face Base Double Fonction 05.

10.   How do I remove waterproof make up?
I use The Body Shop – Seaweed Purifying Facial Cleanser for my face and use Baby oil or Olive oil for my eyes.