Saturday, March 31, 2018

BeautyBigBang Ballerina Fake Nails review

Hi Friends! Today I have another item from BeautyBigBang to review - Ballerina Fake Nails - SKU:J4142-1C.These are priced at $4.99, you can use my coupon code - MANI10 to avail 10% off on your order.

Ballerina aka Coffin shaped nail is my favorite nail shape. In my experience, this shape keeps the nails really strong. 

Now moving onto today's review. Ballerina Fake nails from BeautyBigBang come in rectangular translucent plastic box with flip open lid. There are ten set of fake nails labelled in the range 0 to 9; 0 being the biggest size and 9 being smallest. 

Top row has even numbered and bottom row has odd numbered nails. There are 10 pieces of nails in each size. The fake nails come in different options like White,Clear & Beige. The ones shown below are in white. 


Here is the picture of nails set - top row has even numbered nails and bottom row odd numbered nails. As you can see, even numbered nails are bigger than the odd numbered ones. In fact the biggest sized nail was too big for my thumb however there were other sizes that fit my thumb nail perfectly.

I usually do not use fake nails but I would reach out to these when I have a broken nail or have trimmed all my nails. These fake tips are strong and lasted for a good 8-10 days for me. This is with doing all the household chores and cooking,dishes,etc which is impressive. 

Here is a pic of the fake nail on my pointer. You can trim these to the size that you are comfortable with or can change the shape of the fake nail to almond or stilettos as well.

Overall I am certainly impressed with these fake nails. Have you tried these fake nails? What was your experience?

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