Saturday, June 20, 2015

Geometric nails and Angel Nail Studio Vinyls review

Hi Friends! How have you all been? I am doing good and excited to do this post. Today I am going to review Nail Vinyls from Angel nail studio. These vinyls are made by Indian nail artist and my buddy Veeral Hanj. Check out her ig profile here. This post is special to me as this is the first time an Indian nail artist has come up with her own vinyls. I was so keen on buying vinyls for so long now but never found anything in Indian market. Now I no longer need to have someone get it for me from abroad.

Veeral has come up with a variety of vinyls and is working on her website which will have specifics of these items. From her numerous designs I chose Medium Chevrons, Medium Straights and Mermaid Scale pattern. Each vinyl sheet costs Rs200, all these sheets were purchased by me. Veeral did send me few samples prior to her vinyl set release.

Here is the design I came up with using Medium Vinyls, China Glaze At Vase Value, Models own Lilac Dream. This design is inspired by the lovely Sveta Sanders, check out her on instagram. She is an amazing artist and I love her tutorials. 

Veeral's vinyls are currently available in India only, she is working on getting them into international market. You can ping Veeral on instagram if you are interested in purchasing these vinyls.

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