Thursday, February 26, 2015

Garden nail art using stamping decal technique

Hello friends! This week has been real busy, too many things to catch up at work and home. As you all know I have been actively participating in 'Nailthattechnique' challenge and this week's theme is stamping decal. I was looking forward for this week's challenge as I have always struggled placing the stamping decal; some of my previous attempts of making decals are here and here.

This is my attempt for the challenge. I used my long pending unused Moyou London Mother Collection 01 plate for the decals. I am really happy with my attempt this time although I found placing the decal and clean up process a bit challenging. The dents and bumps are clearly visible.
Despite this, I feel confident and I am sure if I try this technique a few times the final result would be nice and smooth.


Here is a quick tutorial for making stamping decal -

1. Pick up the image using stamper
2. Fill in with colors of your choice
3. Apply a thick layer of clear polish. I used Wet n Wild clear protector
4. Allow it to dry completely
5. Carefully peel the decal, place it on your nail and cut off the excess. (You can use nail filer towards your nail tips)
6. Apply top coat to finish the design

Have you tried stamping decal technique? What was your experience with it?