Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Christmas tree and Elf nail art

Hello everyone! How are the holidays going on? I am looking forward for Christmas Celebrations :)

Today I have two #Christmas manis to share with you all but with my tiny nails. Guys I happen to break two of my nails and then cut all my nails :( They look so small now. I could come up with only these simple manis for Christmas.

First one is pretty simple. I made Christmas tree on my thumb and accent nails and random dots on the rest of the nails. I used OPI Alpine Snow, Maybelline Downton Red, Maybelline Verde Palmeria and #WnW
Gold Fergie for this design.


 My second mani is Elf nail art inspired by Polishpedia and a picture I found on Pinterest that had a watermark - #adelislebron. This is also pretty simple, index and accent nails have Elf's legs and shoes, Middle and pinky have jacket and belt and thumb his green cap. 

I used OPI Alpine Snow, #SallyHansen Mellow Yellow,#Sinful Colors Black, #Maybelline Verde Palmeria and #WnWGold Fergie for this design.