Wednesday, November 6, 2013


Hi friends! How are things? How was your Diwali? Mine didn’t go well. I was sick and my son is still unwell. He is doing better now. Hope he gets well soon.

Alright coming to today’s post. I have been nominated for ‘Versatile Blogger Award’ by three lovely ladies – Subha Bose, Rachna Sharma and Asmitha Vivek. Receiving an award is always encouraging :)

A big hug and thank you for nominating me and sorry ladies just didn’t find time to write about this. So caught up in life for past few weeks. 

Here are seven things about me –

1)      I can speak English, Hindi, Telugu, Marathi, Kutchi and broken Kannada. Now this is coz I am a Maharastrian, born and brought up in Hyderabad whose neighbors spoke Kannada and married to a Kutchi J. I have lost touch with Kannada though.

2)      I dislike men who underestimate women or feel women should sit at home and take care of only household or are too orthodox and have restrictions on women. I feel women should be given equal rights and opportunities as men and treated with respect. After all women are equally strong.


3)      I am a total foodie. It is really difficult for me to control on food. Whenever I join gym I diet only for those months and manage to shed few pounds but then I get back to my old bad eating habits. Need to control it J


4)      I am a shopaholic. I might go over board and buy things at a go. In fact after starting my blog, I have realized I have purchased so many cosmetics and most of them are untouched or just used couple of timesL. I have decided not to spend more than Rs500-1000/month on cosmetics and that I will not buy something which I wouldn’t really use much. Let us see how long I stick to this ;)


5)      I am Libran and truly have typical Libran qualities like being Independent, making friends, being social, peacemaker, being Indecisive. If a situation arises, I simply cannot hurt someone’s feelings and might comprise on my likes to make the other person happy or just to bring a smile and yes at times it’s really difficult for me to take decisions just coz I want to make sure I have taken the best possible decision J My husband surely knows this quality of mine very well.


6)   I love pets. We had a dog when I was a kid. I owned 6 cats and a small aquarium couple of years back when I was in Hyderabad.


7)      I am lazy and hate waking up early but unfortunately I have been in early morning shifts for the past 4 years and wake up @ 5-5:15am Mon-Fri L. I try not to miss my afternoon/evening nap especially since my son doesn’t sleep before 11:30pm-12am in the night. Let me tell you guys all the laziness vanishes once you have a kid. I feel so very zonked. I tend to fall asleep while travelling without even realizing it J My hubby keeps yelling at me – Don’t sleep in the cab!!!

Yeah yeah I know I have made 7 things sound like 70 big things J …lengthy post.

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