Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Woman's Day nails

Hello Lovelies! Wish you pretty ladies a Very Happy Woman's Day. On the occasion of Woman's Day I have Roses nail art dedicated to all the women :)

This design is inspired by Jaunty Juli's Roses nail art; I used her tutorial to do this design. It was a challenge to do these and I made a couple of failed attempts until I finally gave up with this one which was kind of average.

I used Color Club Look Don't Tusk as base for roses and on rest of the nails I used XoXo nails Girl Fight. For Roses, I used acrylic paints and different brushes from Winstonia Glam Gadgets set. 

I couldn't really capture good pictures of this mani as the weather was lil cloudy so here are few shots with flash. Hope you liked the design.

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