Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Welcome to the world of blogging - Manisha !!!

This is my first step to the world of blogging.
History behind creating this blog
I have always been passionate about makeup and nail polish. Off late I have been following a lot of nail tutorials on YouTube and Blogs. This inspired me and made me think I should start one to express myself and share my thoughts. And that is how ‘ManiMatters’was born.
After scanning through numerous blogs, discussions with friends, cousins and lot of R & D :);), I finally decided the title to be - ‘ManiMatters’.
Special thanks to Aditi from So-saree for suggesting this title.
Let me begin with the name of my blog and what it means.
Significance of ‘ManiMatters’
This title is combination of Mani + Matters.
I chose this title coz it talks about three main things – Stuff that matters to Manisha (me), Manicures do matter and of course Money matters.
About my blog
This is a beauty blog where you will find reviews on cosmetics, swatches, manicures, nail art recreations; DIYs and so on. I would say primarily stuff around nails and manis. However, at times you will also find something beyond just makeup.